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We take pleasure in enhancing the unique southern beauty of our native city, New Orleans. We are passionate to bring colorful gardens and the smells of life to New Orleans. We seek to foster a mentality where one can stop and smell the roses, the gardenias, and marvel at beautiful front yards.
Our cultural ethics tell you more about Ponseti Landscaping than all of the expertise we have gathered over the past two decades of experience with local plants and people. A skilled landscaper knows his trade and tools, but we like to think of our genuine southern garden creations as art… Art deeply entwined with the soul of New Orleans.
Matthew Ponseti earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. He is licensed as a horticulturist and landscape contractor in ornamental and turf management. Ponseti Landscaping specializes in serving the New Orleans Uptown, Lakeview and Old Metairie neighborhoods.
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Excellent. One month ago this area would have had four inches of standing water. None this morning. Thank you!
Matthew Ponsetti came to our house yesterday with his crew and completed the work. The crew did the drainage work as per Matthew's instructions. They did an great job and left our yard in excellent condition. Thank you for all your hard work!
Many thanks – everything looks just beautiful. A job well done. The wedding was just beautiful and lots of friends and family loved what you had done to the yard. Our thanks to your helpers – they were great.

You did a really wonderful and trans-formative job both at the back and the front of the house, and this has doubled the size of the usable space on the property, and certainly increased its value too.
Love the front garden! What a pretty change it made. Have had quite a few compliments too! The transformation to the patio under the deck is terrific as well. Can't wait to use it. Thanks for your inspiration and guidance. John loves the fragrant bay magnolias out front!
I'm enjoying sitting on the balcony looking out on my pretty backyard. Have already gotten compliments on the front from dog walkers and the breezeway on the way to garage really makes me smile. Thanks for all of your hard work in pulling it all together.
Our Philosophy
Ponseti Landscaping creates and installs gardens, lighting systems, and irrigation, along with hardscapes and sub-surface drainage. Many landscape companies can install a basic landscape, but Matthew Ponseti goes a step beyond. Ponseti works with clients to develop a unique setting that creates a cohesive relationship between the home and the garden. Ponseti Landscaping has been developing residential and commercial gardens for 25 years in Uptown New Orleans, the Garden District, Lakeview and Old Metairie.
At Ponseti Landscaping, we focus on installing and maintaining residential and commercial gardens in Uptown, Lakeview, and Old Metairie. Our team works with clients to create a unique setting that that enhances the relationship between the home and the garden. We offer personalized gardens and landscaping based upon the individual's taste, style, and budget. And all of our work is done to meet my obsessive nature.
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