A Letter from Matthew Ponseti
I've been working in the landscaping industry for 30 years now, and it has become something I'm very passionate about. I've been able to channel my love for the arts into creating landscapes that bring out the beauty of our city and its unique homes.
Hello everyone. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to talk to you today about my profession.
of experience
We focus on creating and maintaining residential and commercial gardens in Uptown, Lakeview, and Old Metairie
Our team works with clients to create a unique landscape that that will create a cohesive relationship between the home and the garden. We offer personalized gardens based upon the individual's taste, style, and budget. And all of our work is done to meet my obsessive nature
In all of our services, we use the best material in the industry. Soil is the foundation to the garden. Skimping on soil is like saving money by not using pilings under the house. One example of the quality of our services is that my soil costs me three times that of what is available locally. Our soil is blended and composted specially for me in Mississippi to provide a customer's garden with the proper nutrients it needs
We use thick wall drainpipe arranged in such a way to move the water away from the foundation of the house and into the street. Because we take into account all the contributing causes, we are able to solve the water problem
I do a great deal of subsurface drainage work
Our services include custom layout and installation of plants, irrigation, subsurface drainage, low-voltage lighting, and brickwork. We construct traditional brick patios and walkways in a manner that will last another hundred years using old St. Joe Bricks
We offer complete landscape services work from inception to completion
Watering by hand will not provide a garden with the hydration it needs
Wetting the leaves is not watering. We provide the customer with a fully automatic Rainbird irrigation system to keep their garden healthy and beautiful. We use more sprinklers so that there is a full over lap of coverage assuring the all the plants are properly watered even after they mature. Irrigation systems can have a poor image because they are often badly installed
After we have installed the garden, we work to keep it in optimum shape through weekly or seasonal maintenance. Our weekly maintenance includes services such as grass cutting and edging, along with pruning and shaping shrubbery and trees. We also regularly weed and mulch the flowerbeds
Custom settings allow for specific amounts of water to meet the needs of the landscape in the various parts of the yard. Our irrigation systems also have rain sensors to save water during big storms.
We help the garden...
...make the most of the changing seasons by planting flowers in the beds several times a year and refreshing the mulch with the highest quality product. To keep the garden healthy and blooming, we also fertilize the lawn and shrubs through the year using the correct blend for the various seasons, and we treat the grass to control fungus and weeds. Right now, we are treating the lawns to eliminate the broadleaf weeds.
I appreciate you taking the time to learn about Ponseti Landscaping's work in New Orleans
I hope that you have been able to see that we take the time and provide quality materials and services to create a long-lasting product that will compliment a home any time of year