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DORMANCY- It's a strange phenomenon. Lawns are actually starting to turn green in the middle of the Winter! This could be a problem if we encounter sub-freezing temperatures between now and Spring, throwing lawns back into dormancy. Going in and out of dormancy several times in a single growing season stresses the lawn and ultimately can case "Winter Kill" in some or all of the lawn.

DISEASE- When temperatures hover between 60- 70 degrees, it creates ideal conditions for disease to develop in lawns. Keep irrigation systems turned off to minimize moisture on the lawn which also encourages disease activity.

INSECTS- Although there is always speculation about the relationship between cold Winters and insect activity in the following growing season. In my experience, I have never seen a direct correlation between the two.

WEEDS- Warm weather will encourage more weeds and faster weed growth than normal over the Winter.

WATERING- Even though the Winter is unseasonably warm, there is still no need for supplemental irrigation. Irrigating the lawn when temperatures are in the 60's and 70's encourages disease development and causes faster weed growth.

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