Uptown Lawn Drainage Contractor

You know you have a lawn drainage problem when heavy or even moderate rainfall leaves puddles in your yard or garden that take forever to drain. In damp areas like shady spots, water can be slow to evaporate. This leaves plants vulnerable to diseases. Bad drainage is bad for your garden plants as well as trees and shrubs.

Water flows downhill and always takes the path of least resistance. If the water does not have a means to flow off your property, it will just sit there. Stagnant water can cause problems for plants as well as provide a breeding place for mosquitoes. The basic goal of landscape drainage is to build a water flow system that uses gravity to move water out of your property. There are multiple types of drains to remove water from your property. In New Orleans, many residential properties can use one system or a combination of draining systems to fix their water retention problems.

The Ponseti Landscaping team are lawn drainage experts and we can develop and install a sub-surface drainage system designed to nourish your plants with water and drain excess water away from your garden areas toward storm drains.

Call me today and I’ll be happy to drop by to review and discuss a lawn drainage solution that will serve you well.