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Matthew Ponseti designs and installs gardens, lighting systems and irrigation, along with hardscapes and sub-surface drainage. Many landscape companies can design a basic landscape; however, Matthew has set Ponseti Landscaping apart from the most others. His designs are specifically designed for each client in which Matthew creates a cohesive relationship between the home and the garden.

Ponseti Landscaping has been designing New Orleans Uptown, Lakeview and Old Metairie residential and commercial gardens for over 20 years, completing over a hundred complex landscaping jobs per year.

We take pleasure in enhancing the unique southern beauty of our native city, New Orleans. We are passionate to bring colorful gardens and the smells of life to New Orleans. We seek to foster a mentality where one can stop and smell the roses, the gardenias, and marvel at beautiful front yards.

Our cultural ethics tell you more about Ponseti Landscaping than all of the expertise we have gathered over the past two decades of experience with local plants and people. A skilled landscaper knows his trade and tools, but we like to think of our genuine southern garden designs as art… Art deeply entwined with the soul of New Orleans.